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METALWELD – is an independent polish producer of the welding consumables, specialized in electrodes and wires for many applications and branches.

Metalweld was established in 1993 by the people who saw the opportunity to build strong company manufacturing welding consumables for big industry as well as for craft and hobby.

As an independent producer, not related with any major world producers, Metalweld steadily built his position in the welding world, especially in minds of customers accustomed to large corporation brands.

Over the years we have managed to develop our production and increasingly expand it with new grades of the materials, both electrodes for different type of steels and application, as well as flux cored wires for hardfacing and welding. Many of these solutions were designed especially for individual clients, taking into account the their specific needs and requirements.

By focusing in one place the whole production process, from the purchase of all raw materials, their processing, operational control, final testing in the lab, we guarantee a stable, reproducible and excellent quality of these materials.

Our products are subject to constant review by the Notified Bodies and Classification Societies, such as: UDT, TUV, DB, LR, DNV, BV, ABS, RMRS, GL, which confirm their high and reproducible quality.

We successfully introduced our materials to the companies in the sectors of civil engineering, power generation constructions, chemical and gas industry, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining and the others.

Among our regular customers there are both, the biggest production corporations from above mentioned branches, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. We are doing our best to be a business partner who, in addition to the high quality materials, may also offer the other support, f.ex. technological, logistic, etc.

We strive to provide our customer the widest possible range of the welding consumables in the best prices and shortest delivery time, which is possible thanks to our specialized knowledge and flexibility of our productions.

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